Surfing Imsouane: Africa’s longest wave and best kept secret.

Not too far from Taghazout’s world-renowned surf spots such as Anchor Point, Killers or Boilers, resides a hidden gem. In my opinion, one of Africa’s best kept secrets. Imsouane is a little fishing village, 60 km from Taghazout. The road between the two villages is full of breathtaking views and you will never get bored on the way. After endless rocky hills, golden dunes and cliffs, Imsouane emerges from the rocks in all its beauty. The village is very quiet and a multitude of bars and cafes face the ocean just above the beach. You realize in a snap of a finger the very cool vibes and friendly locals all around you. After drinking a fresh juice to rest from the trip, you can’t wait to jump in the water!

Imsouane’s 2 Surf Spots

If having the longest right wave in Africa wasn’t enough, Imsouane also offers not one but two surf spots: Cathedral Point and The Bay. The winter swell provides Cathedral Point with hollow powerful barrels and The Bay with long tubing waves.

Cathedral Point

This spot is perfect for short boarders and body boarders as the waves can get very steep with a big NW swell. It has both a point break on the right corner of the northern peninsula and a beach break between the northern and southern peninsulas. The point break can be incredible, with barreling waves reaching 20ft when the swell is huge. The beach break has good lefts and rights, quite easy to ride and fun even in summer.

The Bay

Although Cathedral Point is a marvelous spot, The Bay is what makes Imsouane unique, not just in Morocco, but in the whole world. In fact, this is the spot where you can surf one of the most fun waves you will ever see. It breaks before the breakwater dwarf and you can surf it for several minutes right until the beach. It is the longest wave in Africa and the easiest reef break in Morocco. If you’re an intermediate surfer and want to try your first reef break, this is the place for you! This wave is more suitable for longboarders but it can be super fun for shortboarders too when the swell is a bit bigger. Also, The Bay works only on low to mid tide. It’s usually completely flat on high tide, but Cathedral Point will definitely work. Imsouane won’t disappoint you with everything it has to offer. If you’re a lazy surfer like me, you can walk back to the first section after surfing the wave until the beach. I personally think this is the best aspect of The Bay!

Local Bars and Restaurants

The area between Cathedral Point and The Bay is covered with bars and grill areas with stunning views. The Port hosts several restaurants where you can eat delicious grilled fish while looking at the tubing waves of The Bay. Imsouane is famous for its fresh fish and variety. The fish market is next to the Port, supplying the local restaurants with the daily catch. If you are with one of our surf guides you will have the opportunity to buy the fish at the market for a very cheap price and the restaurant will grill it for you on the spot. A completely different experience!

Imsouane is a must go destination that you won’t forget easily. With its surf and hippie vibes, it’s the perfect location if you are looking to enjoy Morocco to the fullest. At Hola Surf we offer several packages which include one or more day trips to Imsouane, depending on the swell conditions. What are you waiting for? Book now! 

Imsouane Fishing Village